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3 needle bind off - arrange sts to be cast off on 2 needles, with the right sides together. Holding them together in your left hand,* use a 3rd needle to knit 1st St off front needle along with corresponding St on back needle, repeat, slip the 1st St on the R hand needle over the 2nd St as in a conventional cast off, repeat from *to end.

beg - Beginning

cm - Centimetre

cast off (bind off)

cast off knitwise (purlwise) knit (purl) each st before casting it off 

garter st - knit every row 

inc/dec - increase / decrease

k - Knit

k2tog - Knit next two stitches together as one

kf&b - (an increase) knit into the front loop of the next st, leave the st on the L hand needle without dropping it, then knit into the back loop and then drop the st (also Kb&f - knit back then front)

ktbl - Knit through the back loop

L - Left

MC - main colour yarn

CC - contract colour yarn

m1 - make one (increase) lift the little bar between the st on the L needle and the st on the R needle      

        onto the L needle going through from front to back, now K into the back loop to make a new stitch.

pm - place marker

psso - pass the slipped st over the next knitted stitch

p - Purl

p2tog - purl 2 together  

p2togtbl - purl 2 tog through back loop

R - Right

rem - remaining   

rep - repeat

(RS) - Right side (of work)

sl - slip the next st on the left hand needle to the right hand needle without  knitting

slm - slip marker

st - Stitch

stst - Stocking stitch

ssk - Slip the next two stitches one at a time as if to knit, return them to the left needle, then knit together through the back loop

W&T - “wrap and turn” work as instructed to the stitch to be wrapped bring yarn forward, slip the next St from the L to R needle as if to knit, move the yarn to the back, slip the wrapped stitch back onto the L hand needle. Turn the work so that the wrong side is now facing you, and continue to work as instructed.

(WS) - Wrong side

x - times - e.g. rep 2 x = repeat 2 times.

yfwd - yarn forward - bring the yarn between the needles to the  front of the  work.

yrn - yarn around the needle, back to the starting position  ready to work the next stitch (an increase)

Slip st (crochet)- insert hook into circle, yarn over and pull the yarn through the circle, then pull it through the st on the hook.

Treble/US Double crochet - wrap yarn around hook, insert hook into circle, yarn overand pull through circle, yarn over and pull through 2 of the sts on hook, then yarn over again and pull through remaining sts on hook.

 • To convert cms to inches multiply by 2.5

 • To convert grams to ounces multiply by 0.035

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